by Antibody

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released January 6, 2015

Imbyr: vocals/lightly salted
Max: guitar/ketchup
Sam: drums/intense dill pickle
Drew: bass/salted
Eddie: guitar/sweet chilli heat



all rights reserved


Antibody Toronto, Ontario


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Track Name: Rejection Is Agony
she did not give me her body.

you hurt too, i wouldn't understand. you are a man and you're oppressed by everyone but yourself. open your arms up wide, and see how much space i owe you. she won't put out, here he goes, get your gun.

ringing in his ears. she should have given him what belongs to him. he looks down at the pool of blood and hums, "now she looks just perfect".

rejection is agony.
Track Name: Predator
remember when you said i am not what i am. how could you be when you love me? you drowning in your own culture. insecure, the king of swords. say you have pride, but deny my own. another space you've taken away.

i swim down the street. deliver the message, that hole glows inside me. am i swimming? or am i skipping? a sigil not of hate. you will never know. did i try to curse you? well, i almost did. the fear of you. i see your ghost. i wait to see you swim. touch me. you weren't the first. will you even be the last? you've taken so much then say i ruined you?

my brain it burns out. seeping down my neck. feel it deep your gut. let it scrape your skull.

you blame me.
Track Name: Space Qveen
invoke the three ways. one of nurturing slaughter. one bestial flesh. one of undesigned ephemera. you plant the flower, the flower grows, you pick the flower, the flower dies, you hang it just to kill it twice, then smell decay and proclaim it. tinctures transform pain. so ball it up into a fire that declares you qveen. rays of light emit, from your chest that slither away dysmorphia. cutlets fall to the dirt, let it burn and bury it in three days.

burn it. bury it.

don't touch my meat.
don't touch my sack.

not everyone is born with the right body. i am genetic scraps. my ancestors left in the dirt. ancient fog tell me my way. humans in their luxsuits. designer rich bodies. sentient fog worships the clouds, the sun, the lakes, the rivers, the puddle water at my disgusting human feet.

my body comes from the goat. the goat who slices the necks of my enemies. ask the ancient one. she knows. secret kept from family. electric secrets course through the water in my veins.

until then i exist in space. i am the fucking qveen. ask me any questions and you'll get stardust. burn you with the words of thousand suns. blackened lips from all the flames i spit. kiss me and you'll taste soot. you'll taste stars. you'll taste a thousand regrets from the universe for making me this drab human. you'll regret not giving me my real form.

burn it. bury it.